Khaosok Boutique Camps

“Great place for relaxing!!”

I have never been here before but I'm so impressed with a service and a place. I'm sure that I will definitely visit here again! If you wouls like to have a place for relaxing and recharging your life, this place can be one of your choices.

“Fascinating Place”

Excellent place if you want to get back to nature, The tents are well situated with lovely views of the park. The tents have all you need for your comfort, we had a lovely shower (with frog) All the staff were very friendly and helpful and the food was excellent. Do not go there if you are looking for a party or lively nightlife, not unless you just want to listen to the natural wild. Which was perfect for us, hence the reason we stayed.
COXANDBUTLER - Cornwall, England

“Camping it is!”

It's simple, if you are not a nature person then this is not the place for you! Otherwise this is the real's serenity sorrrounded by nature and peace and green forests and mountains. Bugs are their but it's natural. ..the sunset is mesmerizing and the tents are comfortable. The food is great and the staff is loving. A break away from the city....the basics are their and this is a quiet heaven in the nature.
Harsh S

“Great view”

Great experience in this camp plus with very friendly and helpful staff. Enjoy the foq every morning and don't forget the sunset as well. When you are here make sure do all the activities because its really hot after 10am.
Azreena - Kuala Lumpur


We had an excellent stay at the Khaosok Discovery Boutique Camps. The tents were comfortable and clean. Bathroom was perfect, although some mosquitos in sight. Early in the morning, it was nice to see trees and birds upon waking up. The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about the area. The food was alright - nothing special. Wifi was reliable, even inside the tents. :)
Nieuw_Yorker - New York City

“Very special palce”

Stayed here one night, in 2 tents with my wife and 2 children (12 and 8). This place is based on a special idea - stylish tents with A/C and nice interior, on the edge of hill with superb view of the local forest. The atmosphere is great, the view is fantastic (specifically from the bar and the restaurant balcony). The cons are the very hard mattress) that made our sleep not so enjoyable, the food at the restaurant that was mediocre (the pad Thai which was really disappointing) and the wifi which was available only in the restaurant.
gilyael12016 - Boston, Massachusetts

“Beautiful, romantic trip. Great way to see Khao Sok”

After reading all the good reviews I was a little nervous this place wouldn't live up to the hype, but it totally did. We did a two-day, one-night tour.
The tents were even better than I expected: clean, private, air conditioned, and a great view. The food was MUCH better than I anticipated too. I expected a camp-like mess hall, but they actually have a real restaurant here with really good food.
The staff was great, very attentive. Our tour guide Wan was especially good, he knows everything and has a great sense of humor.
katie736 - Raleigh, North Carolina

“Luxury tents and fantastic food ”

Stunning food, fantastic staff. Thank you. About 20 minute drive from Khao Sok national park. Well worth a visit to hear the noise of the rainforest birds and animals all night. I organised my trip via Khao Sok discovery and they have great staff too. Completely nuts.
LynnCampbell - Belfast, United Kingdom

“Relaxing in khao sok!”

Nice place with a dozen of large tents on pillars! Great views from the terrace and from the restaurant above. We had thai local food the first night and it was really good... For those who are not familiar with local specialties, stay away from fried rice and try their 'pad-kapao moo' - spicy minced pork with rice.. One of the best i had in years! Another nice southern dish is a kind of fried thai spinach with scrambled egg bits - its called 'pak-Miang'
Anyway, you'll love it there, air-con in-tent and very friendly staff all around. Thanks to k. Pong who looked after us very well.
bichon1903 - Manosque, France

“beautiful grounds, great value”

The tent was a great fun and very comfortable. the place lives in full harmony with the beautiful surroundings. team is very helpful and kind. helped us in arranging day trips to the lake, river rafting, visit in the national park, finding a good massage place and more. great service - everything we asked for was immediately replied. Dinners were basic.
Moshi B - Aix-en-Provence, France